private & semi-private CLASSES

Our mission is to inspire, educate and motivate people to create a healthier version of themselves.


One to One personal training that provides you with a tailored program to suit your needs and your goals. 

The benefits of personal training

• More attention from your instructor
• Correction of form throughout the entire class
• Program unique to you
• Progress review
• Personal encouragement and motivation
• Instant feedback
• Accountability

*These classes are private



Pilates is a physical fitness method developed by Joseph Pilates. With regular practice one can improve their flexibility, strength, posture, core strengthmuscle tone and mobility. Mat pilates is the original method and later Joseph Pilates developed the apparatus to teach techniques on a more intense level.

The reformer is a machine that adds a resistance based pilates method. Resistance is added by the use of springs which varies depending on exercise and ability. You can achieve a more intense workout by using this dynamic approach to pilates. The reformer is a low impact form of exercise and provides support to the joints when in use.

* Available for Private and Semi – Private


Circuit Training*

Comprising H.I.I.T., Boxing, Pilates Reformer, Mat and Weights, that will help improve your strength, endurance, fitness and bring you closer to achieving your goals

Sweat, get your heart racing, burn calories and reap the rewards afterwards. Enjoy the 'feel good' vibes from this workout. 

* Available for Private and Semi – Private up to three people