"I was nervous at first, I had never used the reformer before. Belinda was so welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. She takes a huge interest in my performance which is really motivating. She gave me constant encouragement and made me feel really comfortable whilst getting a great workout. I would highly recommend Align Fitness to anyone and I am already seeing the benefits. A class I look forward to each week."


"Belinda is dedicated to my progress and drives me to work as hard as I can in a class. Her knowledge of health and fitness make me feel that I am in the hands of a true professional. The best personal training experience I have had."


"With the little spare time I have, it's important to me that I'm exercising correctly, Belinda really helped me identify and activate the right muscles to ensure I was getting the best workout. She is keeping me on track to meet my goals, inspires and motivates me to work harder at each session."


Pilates Instructor
Perth, Australia

"Belle is an amazing instructor. It's hard to come by instructors these days that are both knowledgable and personable. She was a pleasure to work along side (clients raved about her classes). I can confirm I never left a class not feeling every muscle of my body had been worked. I can vouch that she knows her stuff and whether it is a thorough workout you are after, or coming back from injury and looking for rehab, she will listen to you and work with you to meet your goals. My only issue with Belle is that she left Australia to further her career in Ireland. She is very much missed."

"Belinda is a fantastic and experienced instructor. Belinda taught at my Pilates Studio in Perth, Western Australia for nearly 16 months before moving home to Ireland. She was a studio favourite as her classes were always well planned, creative and she modified exercises for all individual clients needs. I highly recommend Belinda to all those wishing to gain results and strengthen up!"


Pilates Instructor/owner
Core Focus, 
Perth, Australia

YVONNE “Pilates reformer is the exercise for me and align fitness helped me see this. My whole life I've struggled with weightloss. In the passed few years I've been struggling with injuries and simply not feeling strong enough to even try. Align fitness changed all that. Belinda listened to my fears and learned my sore spots. Any time I wasn't sure about a move Belinda changed it up and I could keep going. I learned I was stronger than I realised. I just needed the right tools and push. Reformer has given me back the little things. Bending without fear of throwing my back out. Running without fear of hurting my previously torn ligament. I can lift things in my eveyday life that I couldn't before. This is all to do with the confidence and strength align fitness has given me. It has also given me drive for something more. I know I'm getting stronger and I just want to keep going. For now it's the little things but my dreams are back and I can reach for that long lost goal again.”